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At Mobile Specialty Vehicles, we custom design and manufacture mobile dental units which include motor coaches, semi-trucks, small trailers, and vans. We create every vehicle to meet our customer's specific needs while keeping in mind ergonomics, interior maneuverability, and the end user experience.

Each mobile medical unit is fully customized to meet stringent guidelines and has been developed to provide maximum durability and longevity. The vehicle is wrapped in customized graphics and is fully equipped with the tools needed for each industry. Our company has over 34 years of experience in the production and design of mobile health van units of all types. Here we know that our customers strive to offer the best medical services and our goal is to develop and build a quality, fully featured mobile dental van to fulfill our client’s goals.

Our mobile health units feature one piece fiberglass walls, HEPA hospital grade filters, electromagnetic locking doors, and surfaces that can be easily sterilized. We utilize a new Lone Star motorized coach to provide an enhanced unit that is superior in design and optimized in structural integrity.

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At Mobile Specialty Vehicles, we work to create state of the art units for our customers so they can provide the best medical services from any location. Each unit is fully designed to provide health screenings and medical services in a stand alone mobile health center.

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Medical Dental Motorcoach exterior

Medical Dental Motorcoach interior


Mobile Specialty Vehicles is the leader in commercial specialty vehicles of all types. We bring cutting edge innovation and creative solutions to the mobile command vehicle industry. When you need a mobile command center that is fully customized to your specifications, there is no better place to go than Mobile Specialty Vehicles. We provide specialty vehicles for a wide range of different industries including medical, dental, swat vehicles, and other custom military vehicles. Our experienced designers can custom create tactical vehicles, emergency vehicles, mobile dental units, mobile health units, and much more.


Mobile Specialty Vehicles are emergency vehicle manufacturers and mobile health van manufacturers offering everything from a custom designed mobile mammography van to mobile dental van units of all types. Each mobile medical unit is created according to your exact specifications and requirements. You can choose from small trailers and vans to motor coaches and semi-trucks. We have over 34 years of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile medical vehicles and mobile command trailers that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally designed. Our vehicles offer durability and longevity and our 100% in-house engineering allows us to custom create every detail to match our customer's visions.


Your mobile health van or command vehicle will include: One piece fiberglass interior walls (only found on the Lone Star), Electromagnetic locking doors, Easily sterilized surfaces, HEPA hospital grade filters (only found on the Lone Star)

Mobile Specialty Vehicles developed the new line of Lone Star Commercial motor coaches to fill the void in quality commercial motor coaches. We place unique structure, support brackets and plates into the walls that are built to specifications ensuring complete satisfaction and optimum performance.

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