Because Hazardous-Material (HAZ-MAT) disasters vary greatly, a vehicle is needed that allows for rapid intervention of the situation. Our vehicles are designed to carry vital equipment to help you safely diffuse the volatile emergency.

Loaded with Mobile Specialty Vehicles feature a wide range of equipment and weapons storage options, personnel seating options, environmental control options, communications and surveillance options. They’re built on a variety of platforms from commercial walk-in style vehicles to custom cab/chassis with combined command, communication and storage interior for up to 20 tactical officers.

We furnish the right equipment and storage space in our vehicles so the hazard can be identified, contained, and ultimately eliminated. Our vehicle design provides specially trained personnel the best opportunity at safely and effectively handling hazardous materials.

Maximum storage is provided for the decontamination equipment, Haz-Mat suits, Gas and Radiation detectors, and other necessary equipment. Workstations are provided for chemical analysis and identification and in some models a command center is offered.

We equip the vehicles with a necessary weather station and the communications links necessary to control site access. When safe mitigation of the disaster is your priority, Mobile Specialty Vehicles HAZ-MAT trailers and vehicles come to your rescue. They are ENGINEERED TOUGH to handle the toughest emergencies.

  • Available in all body types (Motorized through Towable)